She appears in two games:

Pokemon Black and WhiteEdit

She is the fourth gym leader the player meats.She gave out the Bolt Badge.She is an Electric-Type Gym Leader.Her team consists of Zebstrika Level 27 and two Emolga's at level 25.

Pokemon Black and White 2Edit

She returns as an Electric-Type Gym Leader.She still gives out the Bolt Badge.She isn't confirmed as the fourth Gym Leader in this game.She has also changed her appearence.She is now confirmed to have a level 28 Flaaffy,a level 30 Zebstrika,and a level 28 Emolga.


Although it's not confirmed,Elesa's star pokemon might be Flaaffy,because she is saying something when Flaaffy appears.Although this may not be true,considering sometimes Clay sent out Excadrill(His star pokemon) out before his Palpitoad,and he said something about backing out(because Palpitoad was his last pokemon).

Battling elesa