Sangi TownEdit

Alder is waiting right by the Pokemon Center, but he wanders off after you approach him. Take this opportunity to heal up your Pokemon, too.

In the house directly to the right of the Pokemon Center, you can talk to the old man in there and he will give you a Potion.

There's a girl directly above the Pokemon Center that will switch your language script from Kana to Kanji or vice versa. Don't answer Yes to her question unless you want to change it (you can also do it from the settings menu).

Head on over to the north part of town and you'll run into Alder again. You tell him about your two Town Maps or something and he mentions he saw a Trainer with a Tepig on Route 20, which is, of course, Hugh, the guy you want to give the Town Map to. Alder then points you in the direction of Route 20, which is just off to the east.

If your looking for the previous part,see Route 19(Walkthrough).To see the very begining of the walkthrough,see Opening(Walkthrough).To see the next part, see Route 20(Walkthrough).